Infinity - Abstract Canvas Wall Art

Abstract Canvas Art helps you find the beauty

There is always a gap between imagination and reality, but there is always something in common, and a new concept, which is called “abstraction” and has been drawn from the common points of many things and synthesized into a new concept. Abstract corresponds to imaginary thing, having image is the embodiment of reality and imagination are opposite, which just like concrete and abstract relative. But as far as art is concerned, it is the only solution to combine these two concepts.
For example, the music art, painting art and body art that all of them collide with the beauty of abstract discovery of the essence of things. Highlight the art of painting, which is an act that runs through the history of human development, from the earliest murals to the present paintings. There are numerous categories of development, one of which is called abstract canvas.
In the 1930s and after World War II, various forms of painting techniques derived from abstract ideas became the most popular and characteristic art styles of the twentieth century. Since the emergence of the first abstract oil painting in the 1920s,abstract canvas has gradually become the mainstream of the western painting world. In terms of expressing feelings, color tone plays a more important role in the abstract canvas. The composition of oil painting art language is no more than form and color two basic factors. Compared with other paintings, abstract canvas painting have the characteristics of bright color, broad color gamut, strong expressiveness and so on. For these oil paintings, its color has a very prominent position in form. It mainly depends on the overall tone of the picture to give the visual effect.

Infinity - Abstract Canvas Wall Art
Infinity – Abstract Canvas Wall Art

As for the abstract canvas art, one is to think more into the subjective, to represent imagination, and the other to be more than one another to be subjective, to represent reality, which is to oppose and to help each other. As a result, many well-known painters have emerged. With Mondrian and Kandinsky as the representative character.
As a matter of fact, abstract canvas painting is based on intuition and imagination as the starting point, rejecting any symbolic, literary, illustrative means of expression, it is only form and color to be integrated, organized on the screen. In the flat painting flow, skilled painter can control the flow of the direction and color and fusion, but also can flow out of similar landscape painting, abstract canvas because of its rich color, natural and varied shape and a lot of ornamental value.
Furthermore, the abstract canvas is also used as an ornament to ornament the living room and study without being too complicated and diverse. On one side, the white wall is an abstract oil painting, the opposition between black and white and color, abstract in the combination of concrete things, there is no need for more words. The abstract canvas art meets more beautiful scenery.