Black and White Canvas Art

Abstract Canvas Art is an long investment

Abstract Canvas Art is an long investment. Large Abstract Canvas Art should not be regarded as a neglected plate,which is a new round of art market climax.In particular,Shanghai has a lot of outstanding general artists,which is bound to have a first-line artist who can become a target effect in the art market.From the secondary market such as auction to the gallery,art fair and other primary market, or even to the general artist’s task room there will inevitably be a wider choice space, but also a greater market potential.
I still remember that in the picture of “orange,red,yellow”,three colors blocks,when it was completely unclear what the painter had said,he actually sold out a sky-high price of 547 million yuan.Some people questioned that.Is this the beat of the mind or the reverse of the sky? In fact,they are not,but it is a kind of cultural sedimentation and development.The author thinks that the Chinese should see the abstract oil painting more deeply and thoroughly, not floating on the surface, but just as a formality.
Yes, large Abstract canvas art is not so easy to understand in western countries, but it is an artistic and cultural progress.In the 20th century,liberal Western artists began to explore breakthroughs,trying to get rid of the traditional idea that painting must imitate nature, so abstract canvas was gradually formed.

Black and White Canvas Art
Black and White Canvas Art

Abstract canvas art investment has become a financial investment trick in recent years.Many banks and private-equity funds have begun tailor-made works of art for their clients. Most of these investment funds and products invest in modern Chinese masterpieces or ancient Chinese treasures.
Miro,Picasso and Dali’ s general works of art have also broken down the auction records of conserved realistic or impressionist inventions at sky-high prices. In the domestic art market,the general art has always been one of the main blocks in the international art market.Their works are highly traded,and at the same time,the market is also sought after. Therefore,with the development of Chinese art investment market,the same general abstract canvas art is expected to become the main plate of domestic investment fund and personal collection,the equipment of large abstract wall art investment has a place.
It seems to me that Picasso who is a famous abstract oil painter,once interpreted abstract cognitive puzzles in this way:The value of great big canvas art ,I think, in two ways:First,the innovation and exploration of painting concept has formed the influence and significance of change, which is one of its main achievements.Second,the full display of the artist’s inner emotional world is the charm of his personality on the art, and the important existence value of the abstract canvas.
I think abstract canvas wall art is a long-term investment,it is a career with potential stocks!